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angelenatv informação pessoal

  United Kingdom
  • angelenatv

  • Profissão: SEX!
  • Interesses: CDs, TVs, T-Girls
  • Género: Transsexual
  • Data de nascimento:
  • Etnia: Mestiço
  • Estado de relacionamento: Numa relação Aberta
  • Sexualidade: Gay
  • Fumador: Não Fumador
  • Peso:
  • Tipo de corpo: Magro


Gay cock mad Transvestite since early years, love all things girly, Skirts, dresses, sexy lingerie. CDs, TVs, T-girls. Angie does "Not" cam, she prefers to be in the same room as her lover. Love sexy messages at --angelenatv@yahoo.co.uk Just

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Being a 24/7 T-girl and loving it honey's

  Although being a t-girl since very early in life I remember even in ***** we had a very pretty and quite the knowingly horny teacher Miss Brown where in our classroom she’d let her legs part slowly knowing boys would be drooling seeing her knickers, suspender belt and stockings under her short skirt, the point being folks, Maybe the boys got horny dying to see and want her wet cunt whereas I simply wanted to be her. My first fuck was just after leaving ***** when I met another (then) married crossdresser. I actually cum inside her the moment my cock entered her being so sexually excited with my dream come true then it was my turn which I whispered between kisses “I’m a virgin fuck wise Sandra” she was gentle yet I still remember the gasp I had the moment she slid the head of her cock in me, people get the wrong impression about a dildo and cocks, a dildo is plastic and confess it can truly hurt yet a hard throbbing cock is flexible which I guess took the fear of having Sandra fuck me ever so gently, then again when her balls were banging my cheeks with every thrust I came without wanking so from that day to this I still enjoy the special pleasure of being a 24/7 T-girl, what they used to call “A chick with a dick”.
Stay safe sweethearts xxx Angie

nylonlegs2022 said:
Wow you are so sexy xx
travecona said:
gracias por tu comentario es mui linda
hlp5595 said:
Yes I like you body and I want to be with you all the time
wetdrippingcock said:
Thanks for your comments..makes me feel really horny to Cum.. can we
chat on kik?
hlp5595 said:
Thanks for your comments,yes you can take my pantys and get all my
sissy ass
bunki2 said:
mmmmmmmmmmmm very good
furst said:
My wife also loves my balls, since they are big, and she also hits and
pulls them with pleasure, I like that too
wetwang said:
secondino said:
grazie !!! :) baci ciao!!
fukmyplumpedass said:
Thank you for the comments sweetiee, muahs much love
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