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bnmuk informação pessoal

  United Kingdom
  • bnmuk

  • Profissão: retired
  • Interesses: photography
  • Género: Casal Heterosexual
  • Data de nascimento:
  • Etnia: Caucasiano
  • Estado de relacionamento: Numa relação monogâmica
  • Sexualidade: Hetero
  • Fumador: Não Fumador
  • Peso: 157 cm 5 ft 2 in
  • Tipo de corpo: Medio



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bnmuk blogs

Cuckold - how my hubby became a cuck (2)

 Cuckold (part2)
How my husband became a cuck.

Anyway they all must have been chatting and must have spoken to my hubby as early evening before they all turned up for our next footynight out of the blue he said to me “why dont you really go for it tonight ? when I asked “what do you mean” he said “the boys have been enjoying you flashing them loads in the past thats why they like you around, I asked "dont you mind" he said no the idea is fantastic and arouses me then I confessed they saw my pussey last time and Dave had fondled my beasts the time before that and I rubbed his trousers, what shocked me was he said he knew all about it !! and was watching keenly while I was being groped and chatted to Dave about me rubbing his cock but wasnt cross just excited.
he said he liked seeing dave fondle my breast, He also said he knew they could see my pussey last time out which he helped to engineer for them !!
So he helped me dress up in some high heels and stockings mini skirt and thin blouse but insisted I didnt wear nickers or a bra
and serve the drinks earlier than normal.
That night was just wild they all commented I looked fabulous and they realised early on after the first time I bent over that I had no nickers on but no-one said anything they just kept topping up my wine glass and got me tipsy and all wanted me to take turns sitting on each on their laps, each time as I moved about from lap to lap a glancing hand felt a breast or rested on my inner thigh or flicked up my skirt to show my bottom they kept passing me from lap to lap,
saying how fantastic I looked, eventually they forgot footy and with my hubby with his camera rolling he said come on “ lets do some saucy pics for the boys” ...I was sat in the middle lap of 3 with my right arm around the neck of that guy and leaning to my left with my left arm around his neck...As we posed for a piccy the one on the left pulled my head over and kissed me proding his tongue into my open mouth the kisss lingered on for ages I could feel somene had pulled my blouse open and had a big hand on my breast then another hand on my 2nd breast ....as I pulled away to see what was happening my head was pulled to the right and Harry this time whose lap I was on tongued me too ...my blouse was now open and pulled down off my shoulders
and my breasts were fully exposed and being felt up.
My nipples were hard and protruding responding to the rubbing and pinching.
Ralph to my right had been quiet but egged on by my hubby spread my legs wide with one right up with knee bent onto the sofa exposing my open wet red pussey for them all to see. ..I was stuck in this position completly exposed to their eager gaze and kept being tongued alternately by Harry and Matt.
So now they had parted my knees and were all fingering my pussey with my breasts exposed all the time my hubby took pictures and egged them on …well I was so aroused and unsure what was happening until I felt a warm hard cock push inside me ..Ralph approved by hubby had got between my legs with his trousers down and pushed inside me I could feel his swinging balls slapping my bottom and his hot cock pounding my pussey I felt him shoot inside....The other guys were also seriously aroused but only one entered me and I was able to get away just giving them hand relief...Eventually hubby said I had had enough and they let me get up and after a snog and hand job for my hubby I went up for a bath.Over subsequent weeks all 3 of them have come in my pussey and mouth and used me regularly into the early hours...hubby decided he loves being a cuck and wants me to fuck everyone we know and strangers we meet but for now its just his mates who service me once a month.

Cuckold - How my husband became a cuck.

Cuckold (part1)
How my husband became a cuck.
My story by Sue.
This is how it started ….my hubby invites his elderly mates over to watch footy once a month on many occasion they tease me about my short skirts and stocking tops on show as I serve drinks and nibbles and bend over in front of them, I had previously said I will go out for the evening but my hubby said no the boys like you around serving the drinks and nibbles so I always stop in. On one occasion as it was his mates birthday my hubby said go over and sit on Daves lap and I will take a piccy.
I sat on the lap of Dave with my arms around his neck for the piccy but stayed put for the footy.
While we watched, he whispered during footy "your blouse is gaping open I can see your breast
I whispered back well its your birthday treat dont tell anyone and you can look...
I had a quarter cup bra on with a loose blouse, but when I looked down I realised I really was showing alot after all as another one of my blouse buttons was undone and I realised my breast was out of the bra and my nipple was in full view.
I left him looking which excioted me and nobody else was bothered or could see so what the hell !!
A bit later his arm around my waist ended up creeping around and up and was cupping my left breast through the thin material of my blouse and unseen by all he started to get cheeky he pinched and rubbed my nipple through the thin material, getting more adventurous all the time until my nipple was swollen hard and puffy sticking out red and swollen he said “you are getting me hard” and pulled my hand down to rest on his lap I felt his hard trousers and his lump ….I looked over and no-one had noticed so carefully pushed and eased his manhood a bit to the side and felt along his shaft eventually gently rubbing the tip of his bulging manhood through his trousers , Anyway hubby and others were none the wiser and I was getting excited we both were ...I guess it felt like I was cheating on hubby who never noticed in the slightest. Eventually Dave twitched a bit like a spasm and I noticed a damp patch appear on his grey chinos.
OMG !!!! I had just wanked my husbands best friend off through his trousers.

On the next occasion I think Dave must have shared our naughty fun with all the guys (3 of them normally) as they all asked if I was sitting on their laps.
But I sat on my hubbys lap to watch the game, during the evening he had pulled my legs up with my heels on the sofa with his arm under my knees so I knew I was showing my stocking tops thighs and bottom a bit but i didnt realise my crotchless thong was a bit twisted to the side and I was actualy showing the boys my open shaven pussey all night.
I realised when they were just not watching footy very much and casually put my hand down and realised what was on show !!!
I was aroused and thought about puling my miniskirt down but left it for them to enjoy looking.
My hubby was also gently caressing my thigh and pulling my skirt nearly up to my waist I just thought bet he has no idea what he is doing or what he was showing his mates he is so straight laced !!!

They all looked but said nothing just said they had a had  great evening when they all left.

Part2  to follow......

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