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charlieespana informação pessoal

  • charlieespana

  • Profissão: Horny Houswife
  • Interesses:
  • Género: Feminino
  • Data de nascimento: 1975
  • Etnia: Mestiço
  • Estado de relacionamento: Numa relação monogâmica
  • Sexualidade: Hetero
  • Fumador: Fumador
  • Peso:
  • Tipo de corpo: Magro


I am a passionate, happily married and highly sexed woman who is into mfm threesomes, webcams, dressing sexily and having fun.

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My first ever threesome

I am the woman in all the photos uploaded by charlieespana.  In two weeks time I am having my first ever mfm threesome.  We were going to attend a swinging party here in Spain but have decided to plunge straight into a threesome.  I am very, very excited about losing my threesome virginity.  I have choosen a very attractive, fit young Spanish guy who has the most beautiful cock.  I first met him last year when we had some webcam fun together and when I decided to further my horizons it just had to be with him. 

I am thinking about the experience all the time, in fact last Sunday I had to make myself cum three times and never even got one of my wide array of toys out.  Being able to have two wonderful cocks just for me is like heaven.  I am wet all the time.

I cannot wait for the knock on the hotel door and for my Spanish lover to walk in.  I know that the action will start almost immediately.  I will not be able to keep my hands of his trousers!  I so want to have his cock in my mouth and to feel his cum shooting down my throat.  I then want to get on top of him and fuck him so hard till we cum together.

I have bought a couple of really sexy outfits for the nite.  I am planning a little rest and a change of lingerie.  I want the nite to last and last.

The date is set for Friday 24th April in a classy 5 star hotel in Estepona, Spain.

If you are interested I will let you know how it goes, I am sure that hubby will take a few pics to upload here.

If you like my photos please let me know and I am very open to doing specific requests.

Lustfully Leeann  x x

coria84 said:
desde sevilla coria84@hotmail.es para ser un amigo
ukmids said:
where have the pics and vids gone? boooooo!!:-)
snakevirus said:
tremendaaaa tremendaaaaaaa morenocam3@hotmail.com
medhimarseille said:
my msn kou2007@hotmail.fr women adde me a very beautifull men
100barna said:
preciosa....por si os apetece algún tipo de juego
hughjorgen said:
Leeann, Just received a nice response from charlieespana. As I
noted in one of your pic groups, love seeing a woman properly dressed
for a night of passion. You are the best here! Can't wait to
hear/see how your threesome evening goes...(I trust someone will have
a camera...LOL) My wife has a similar lingerie wardrobe and I love
having her dressed for the evening...sliding her panties aside and
filling her with my cock or one of her toyz. We have had many Kodak
moments of pictures of her with cum streaming across the crotch of her
panty or down the front of her tops. Regretfully, she's not
quite as bold as some here and prefers I not post them. So will
continue to enjoy my little photo album of our decadent pleasures.
If I may, would like to make a request for a future pic group of
you in some naughty little crotchless panties. And, as always,
thanxxx for sharing.
sneakes said:
Thank you for the comments on my wife's pictures. Having taken a
look at your lovely wife's pictures she to looks very very nice
and sexy. I hope you enjoy your 3 sum and look forward to seeing any
pictures you may wish to share. Sneakes
lesbeau said:
although I'm male & elderly your blog made me feel very
horny.Such an appetite for sex is great to read about.Please do post
the story of how the nite went. xx Lesbeau
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