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  United Kingdom
  • dirknotalwaysgently

  • Profissão:
  • Interesses:
  • Género: Masculino
  • Data de nascimento: Dezembro 1971
  • Etnia: Caucasiano
  • Estado de relacionamento: Livre e solteiro
  • Sexualidade: Hetero
  • Fumador: Não Fumador
  • Peso: 180 cm 5 ft 11 in
  • Tipo de corpo: Medio


Imaginative and dirty-minded hung swinger with a kinky streak, living in NE England. Enjoy many things from exhibitionism to outdoors to horny hotwives. Ok with videoing and being videod.

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Videos: Quality versus content

We all (here) enjoy a bit of porn - or why else would be here? :)  And we all have our own individual tastes for what content we like and don't like, which is perfectly normal of course.  But what about 'quality'..?

There is definitely something to be said for the 'amateur/real' (without paid actors/crew) video over the professionally produced content as evidenced by yuvutu and so many professionally made videos either pretending to be amateur/real or setting the scenes as if they were real life (fake taxi, casting couch etc.) even though, almost without exception, amateur videos have at least some poor production aspects such as sound, lighting, camera positions, pace.  Of course I appreciate those aspects are natural occuring in amateur videos and I'm not suggesting amateurs should try to match professionals, but I do find it 'added value' when an amateur video has decent audio, soft lighting (or even better natural lighting) and a good mix of variety and pace.

One thing I personally hate though is voiceover. In my very humble opinion the camera operator should not also be a narrator but I do enjoy hearing the 'actors' talking (and making noise!)

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Thanks you for nice comments and I wish a merry xmas xx
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