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keyser blogs


There is a woman who frequents this site that is truly amazing!

I'm not naming names but I would love to meet her one day. She is far away across the Atlantic but hey, who knows what the future holds?!!

She is funny, sexy, intelligent, great personality and I love to - ahem - 'interact' with her over the Internet :)

Why she likes ME is a mystery LOL

Nuff said.


anyone ever get the feeling they're only wanted for chatting and fun, and not for showing cock on cam?

tell me i'm not alone LOL

please PMSL

my videos

I'm bored with the ones on my profile page, and by the lack of comments or them not being made a 'favourite' by other people, it seems so is everybody else!

So, should I take them down or not?

time for a break?

I seem to have hit my stride in chat and have managed to upset a number of people again! I think it's time to have a little break and a re-think of my behaviour (that could take a while LOL). I doubt it will be for too long though, chat is pretty addictive.

And no, this is not a plea for attention :p

Survey (or me just being nosey)

1) Have you ever fantasised about a person of the same sex?

2) Have you ever had sex with someone of the same gender or indulged in kissing/fondling?

3) Do you find yourself attracted to people of the same sex sometimes?

4) Do you have any fetishes - including foot fetishes, sadism and masochism etc?

5) How important is sex to you?

6) How important do you think fidelity is, in a relationship?

7) How old were you when you first kissed?

8) Are you a virgin? If not, how old were you when you lost your virginity?

9) Which are the three people of the opposite sex you consider the most attractive?

10) Have you ever been convinced into having sex?

11) Have you ever used sex toys?

12) Do you masturbate? How often?

13) Describe a sexual fantasy you would like to fulfil someday.

14) Have you ever had phone sex?

15) Do you browse porn on the internet or on television?

16) Is there anything you would want to change about the way you look through plastic surgery if you had the choice and could afford it?

17) Have you ever wondered what it would have been to be born as the opposite sex?

To all the people who looked at my profile / videos / photos

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for pushing my Yuvutu index over 5000 for the first time in the 3 years I have been on this site! I never thought it would happen but it has and I am chuffed to bits :)


Cum shots

Having seen a number of cumshot / facial / swallowing videos, I've noticed that when some guys orgasm they seem to 'dribble' their cum out and others spurt it convincefully........do women have a preference or doesn't it matter to them?

Just curious :-)


 You know I hate to ask

But are 'friends' electric?


Mine's run down

And now I've no one to love.....................................................................................................................

Frank Booth

Some quotes from my favourite character in the movie "Blue Velvet"....I like Frank :)


Frank Booth: Don't be a good neighbor to her. I'll send you a love letter, 
Frank Booth: straight from my heart, fucker! You know what a love letter is? It's a bullet from a fucking gun, fucker! You receive a love letter from me, you're fucked forever! You understand, fuck? I'll send you straight to hell, fucker! 


Ben: To your health. 
Frank Booth: Ah, shit, let's drink to something else. Let's drink to fucking. Yeah, say, "Here's to your fuck, Frank." 
Ben: If you like, Frank. Here's to your fuck. 


[repeated line] 
Frank Booth: Fuck you, you fucking fuck! 


Frank Booth: Let's fuck! I'll fuck anything that moves! 

What is Life? (part two)

Life is shit LOL

And I wrote this :)

Another masterpiece

Oh you make me want to cum.

Let's have some fun.

One up the bum.

No harm done.

The urge

I'm feeling the urge to spread a little love and affection through the medium of poetry and rhyme. This is dedicated to anyone, really. I created it in 2 minutes and yes, I know, it shows :)

I'm feeling very horny,

I want your tits to suck.

It sounds so very corny,

But do you want a fuck?

Just answer the damned questions! :)

1: Who would you most like to have a romantic candlelit dinner with?

a) Saxon

b) HarleyPoet

c) Danny

d) Hairs

e) Keyser

2: It's your birthday. Whose present would you treasure the most?

a) Saxon

b) HarleyPoet

c) Danny

d) Hairs

e) Keyser

3: Which person do you most like to chat to in Yuvutu?

a) Saxon

b) HarleyPoet

c) Danny

d) Hairs

e) Keyser

4: You are marooned on a desert island. Who do you miss the most?

a) Saxon

b) HarleyPoet

c) Danny

d) Hairs

e) Keyser

5: You are the last woman on Earth. Which person do you choose to repopulate the human race with?

a) Saxon

b) HarleyPoet

c) Danny

d) Hairs

e) Keyser

P.S. Saxon appears in the Answers especially for Lisabnn's benefit.

P.P.S. HarleyPoet appears in the Answers especially for BlowJobHeaven's benefit.

P.P.P.S. Danny appears in the Answers especially for Notty4u's benefit.

P.P.P.P.S. Hairs appears in the Answers especially for LadyDelicious' benefit.

P.P.P.P.P.S. My name appears in the Answers especially for my ego's benefit - God knows, it needs it! I'm hoping for someone to make a typing error and put 'e)' as an answer by mistake...

In Every Dream Home A Heartache

A song I've been listening to a lot lately - a simple tale of a man and his blow-up doll...

In every dream home a heartache

And every step I take

Takes me further from heaven

Is there a heaven?

I`d like to think so

Standards of living

They're rising daily

But home oh sweet home

It only a saying

From bell push to faucet

In smart town apartment

The cottage is pretty

The main house a palace

Penthouse perfection

But what goes on

What to DO there?

Better pray there

Open plan living

Bungalow ranch style

All of it's comforts

Seem so essential

I bought you mail order

My plain wrapper baby

Your skin is like vinyl

The perfect companion

You float in my new pool

Deluxe and delightful

Inflatable doll

My role is to serve you

Disposable darling

Can't throw you away now

Immortal and lifesize

My breath is inside you

I'll dress you up daily

And keep you 'til death sighs

Inflatable doll

Lover ungrateful

I blew up your body...

But you blew my mind!!!

Oh those heartaches

Dream home heartaches


Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us!
Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us!

I don't wanna be a pinhead no more. I just met a nurse that I could go for.
I don't wanna be a pinhead no more. I just met a nurse that I could go for.

I don't wanna be a pinhead no more. I just met a nurse that I could go for.
I don't wanna be a pinhead no more. I just met a nurse that I could go for.

Everyone's accusing me!

Everyone's accusing me!

I don't wanna be a pinhead no more. I just met a nurse that I could go for.
I don't wanna be a pinhead no more. I just met a nurse that I could go for.

Gabba gabba hey!

(Ramones ©)

We want...information

Number 6: What do you want? 
Number 2: We want information. 
Number 6: Whose side are you on? 
Number 2: That would be telling. We want information... information... information. 
Number 6: You won't get it. 
Number 2: By hook or by crook, we will. 

1: What song would you most like to hear whilst having sex?

2: If your house was on fire, which single material item would you save?

3: If you were in a pop / rock group, which instrument would you play? Lead guitar, bass guitar, drums or keyboards? Or would you be the singer? (Special option for OC: Banjo)

4: What colour eyes would your perfect fantasy person have?

5: Do you like the sound of your own voice?

6: If you were allowed one single wish to come true, what would it be?

7: Given the choice, would you like to become immortal?

8: What was your favourite ch*ldhood toy?

9: Have you ever secretly fantasised about someone from Yuvutu whilst having sex with your partner?

10: Continuing the tradition of always including a question about myself, what would you say is my best feature? (be very careful with your answers!): a) sense of humour, b) intelligence, c) politeness, d) honesty, e) sympathy, f) cock :)

Questions, questions, questions!!! - Part 3

I'm feeling nosey so tell me the answers to these questions:

1) If you were marooned on a desert island with someone from yuvutu, who would you most like it to be?

2) Whose face do you like looking at the most on cam?

3) Who do you like looking at on cam the most when they are being 'naughty'?

4) Which person always looks at your cam 99% of the time you put it on?

5) Do you have contact with members of yuvutu outside of this site/chatroom (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?

6) Have you ever met a member of yuvutu in real life? If so, did they live up to your expectations?

7) I can't think of any more questions, am I an idiot?

P.S. Any answer other than 'Keyser' to Question 3 will be met with swift and dire consequences to the answerer....

100th Blog

This is my 100th blog post.


Why do I visit this site? Answers on a postcard, please.

Oral Sex

According to a recent USA Today cover story, oral sex is sharply on the rise among t**nagers, many of whom do not consider it a form of sex. What do you think?

(DELETED): "That's a relief. Turns out I haven't been sexually abusing my son, after all."
LISA: "I was shocked to find that cunnilingus accounted for a full 1.3 percent of these oral-sex cases."
OC: "This is just more of the usual conservative-Christian hysteria over t**ns swallowing miles of cock."
TATTOO: "So is it wrong when I tell my students, 'Make love to me with your mouth'?"
SAXON: "These t**ns will believe anything that Bill Clinton goes on TV and says."
KEYSER: "As a t**n math whiz, I can't say I've heard or seen anything about this."
Breast implants

The FDA has ruled that the two leading brands of saline breast implants are safe enough to stay on the market despite "relatively high" risks of complications such as pain or leaking. What do you think about the controversial approval?

LISA: "I still have some reservations about saline implants. I think I'll just get one and see how I like it."

OC: "Speaking as a medical professional well-acquainted with the dangers of cosmetic surgery, I likes big ol' titties."

TATTOO: "Women should be free to do with their bodies whatever men want."

NOTTY: "We sure have come a long way from the days when our ancestors carved breast implants from antler and horn."

SAXON: "I paid $8,000 for breast implants for my wife, only to have her romanced away from me by the enigmatic Latin lover El Macho. Curse you, El Macho!"

KEYSER (a.k.a. El Macho): "Maybe if those stupid bitches had any self-esteem, they wouldn't need implants. Whores."

Cure All

Dedicated to someone special...

When you're dying of a dreadful disease

You don't worry 'bout the medical fees

It's too late to change your mind, the doctors pulling down the blind

And your temperature is rising to a hundred degrees

I'll cuddle up beside you for a start

And listen to the beating of your heart

And then I'll take you gently by the hand

And ask you when the trouble first began

And then I'll look down deep into your eyes

And if your temperature continues to rise

There's only one way to make it stop

I'll have to prescribe the strongest medicine I got

If this doesn't cure you, it'll kill

But I know it's gonna give you a thrill

And now I've come across, you can't complain about the cost

You shouldn't call the doctor if you can't afford the bill

© Wilko Johnson (Dr. Feelgood)


Should one post blogs when one is drunk?


Questions, questions, questions!!! - Again

1) Have you ever fantasised about a person of the same sex?

2) Have you ever had sex with someone of the same gender or indulged in kissing/fondling?

3) Do you have any fetishes - including foot fetishes, sadism and masochism etc?

4) How old were you when you first kissed?

5) Which are the three people of the opposite sex you consider the most attractive?

6) Have you ever been convinced into having sex?

7) Do you masturbate? How often?

8) Have you ever had sex with a person significantly older or younger than yourself?

9) Describe a sexual fantasy you would like to fulfil someday.

10) Have you ever had a one-night-stand?

11) Have you ever had phone sex?

12) Do you browse porn on the internet or on television?

13) Which are the three people of the same sex you consider the most attractive?

14) Have you ever paid for sex?

15) Have you ever been paid for sex?

16) Have you ever provided sexual favors to get anything in return, money or some other benefit?

17) If your boss promised you the promotion you were very keen to get but insisted that you spend a weekend with him, pleasing him sexually, would you agree?

18) Is there anything you would want to change about the way you look through plastic surgery if you had the choice and could afford it?

19) Would you pose nude for playboy if they offered you $1,000,000.

20) Have you ever been part of a sex orgy?

For a certain person
words on a screen
i know what you mean
when you whisper in my ear
that you wish i was "here"
my heart beats faster
desire is my master
i want to be yours
fuck you on all fours
make you cum so good
like a good boy should
won't you be mine tonight
you know it feels so right
Too Sexy Too Soon?

A new wave of pop princesses, including Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera, are drawing fire from parents who say they present inappropriately sexualized images to girls who look up to them. What do you think?

KEYSER SOZE: "I think it's terrible when 16-year-old girls dress up in belly-baring tank tops and tight little skirts. Jailbait cock-teasers."

MR. DEV: "When I was a te.en, things weren't like they are today. We had to use our imaginations to picture Petula Clark naked."

TATTOO: "It was entirely inappropriate for Britney Spears to wear that see-through Catholic sch.oolgirl outfit in my masturbation fantasy last night."

OC: Te.enagers shouldn't have constant access to sexual images on MTV. They should jerk off to nudie magazines hidden under their mattresses like a normal person."

HOT POLAR BEAR: "These te.en singers send young girls the message that if they dress and act provocatively, they will meet with approval from males and go farther in life. How ridiculous."

LISABNN: Chil.dren aren't growing up too fast. My 10-year-old daughter loves Britney Spears, and I trust her not to go all the way with her live-in boyfriend."

Area Man's Sore Cock


According to a report issued Monday by London resident Keyser Soze, 45, his "cock is too sore from wanking in a porn site chatroom". "Fuck," the report went on, "I should never have tried that third wank in one day." The report further stated that Mr. Soze would be seeking medical attention "if he can withstand the embarrassment of being examined by a female nurse, possibly named Lisa". The 2-page report concluded by stating that Mr. Soze will be abstaining from masturbating for at least the next 4 days.

For Women Only

Just a quick question: how often do you fantasise about sex during a typical day? :)

Fantasy Questionnaire

I'm expecting some interesting replies!

1. Imagine that you are one of four people in a room. One is tied to a bed, one is holding a whip, one is sitting in the corner and one is applying nipple clamps to the recumbent. Which one are you:
a. The one tied to the bed?
b. The one with the whip?
c. The one in the corner?
d. The one applying the clamps?
2. Which of these is closest to your ideal setting for a fantasy?
a. A Venetian brothel
b. A dungeon
c. A bedroom
d. A prison cell
3. Which of the following animals would you choose to feature in your fantasy?
a. A unicorn
b. A snake
c. An octopus
d. A tiger
4. Which of the following eras would you choose as the setting for a fantasy?
a. The present day
b. Victorian
c. Caveman
d. Far future
5. Which of the following movie stars would you select for your fantasy (women choose from the first, male names; men from the second, female ones)?
a. Russell Crowe /..................... Cynthia Nixon
b. James Dean /..................... Kim Cattrall
c. Will Smith /..................... Sarah Jessica Parker
d. Jude Law /..................... Kristin Davis (Hint: All stars of Sex and the City)
Impossible questions to answer

If anyone can answer just one of these I will sleep with them on a regular basis. :)

1: At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?
2: If a lesbian has sex with other women but never with another man is she still considered a virgin?
3: When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny?
4: Do siamese twins pay for one ticket or two tickets when they go to movies and concerts?
5: How do you handcuff a one-armed man?
6: Can you cry under water?
7: What is another word for "thesaurus"?
8: In synchronized diving, what happens if one of the divers drowns?
9: What age do you have to be before it can be said that you died of old age?
10: Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
11: Do people who use sign language see little hands in their head when they think about what somebody said, or do they hear the words in their head?
12: If a hermaphrodite got sent to a certain gender prison, which one would it get sent to?

Not ANOTHER one...!!!!

This started out seriously and degenerated into farce at the end...or did it?!!! You decide :)

A smile, a keen mind, a heart full of love
Good advice always given out to all
A laugh, a joke; an angel from above
A true beauty from dawn to nightfall
This to me sums up Lisa as I know her
It's a privilege to have her in my life
I hope and pray she knows the answer
That "Yes, I'd like her for my wife!!!" :)

Questions, questions, questions!!!

Desperate to get my blog 'score' up, I've blatantly plagiarised Lisa's idea of 10 questions for fellow Yuvutu chatters.... Please answer honestly, or in the case of HotPolarBear, just make them up as I don't want to know what goes on in her mind !!!

1: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
2: How often do you visit the chatroom in Yuvutu?
3: Have you ever been naked in a public place?
4: What was your favourite sweet as a young person?
5: Name 3 things you really like to do in private on your own.
6: If you were going to a friend's party, would you: a) dress up, b) dress down, or c) go naked.
7: Who is your favourite Muppet from the show?
8: What is your favourite music LP of all-time?
9: Are you reading a book at the moment (well, not PRECISELY at this moment but you know what I mean) and if so, what is it?
10: Do ya think I'm sexy? If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, Come on, sugar, let me know. If you really need me just reach out and touch me, Come on, honey, tell me so...
Another poem for lovely Lisa

Lisa is great
Lisa is good
And if we ever had a date
I'd take her to a nice restaurant for a romantic candelit dinner, then after we'd go to see a show or a movie, then I'd drive her home, walk her safely to her front door, give her a soft kiss on the cheek and tell her how much I enjoyed being with her that night, then drive home and dream of her all through the night.

Sexy JC

As requested, a special poem for Sexy JC. I did think about creating a long, romantic poem with lots of erotic phrases but in the end I thought, "Sod it" and just went for the short, sharp option :)

Sexy JC is great
Sexy JC is good
And if we ever had a date
I'd bang her brains out if I could

To a special cat :) Miaow!

Picasso had his 'blue' period...I think I must be going through my 'Lisa' period at the moment!!! This is just something I knocked off in 5 minutes :)

Hey, you guys, there's something I think you should know
There's a cat on the loose, and she's ready to put on a show
Well, she looks so swell all dressed up in satin and lace
And by the way she walks, man, she just oozes feline grace
There's a cat outside the room waiting to get in
And if she does then she'll blow your mind to Hell
The way she looks is enough to make a man grin
Oh she's a tiger to me and the whole world I gotta tell
Did you see the way she left that dance on Saturday night?
Walking out the room, well she damn near started a fight
Shaking her tail, making all the alley cats stare
Her sleek tender body all wrapped up in clothes she wear
There's a cat outside the room waiting to get in
And if she does then she'll blow your mind to Hell
The way she looks is enough to make a man grin
Oh she's a tiger to me and the whole world I gotta tell
That cat gives out the signals like a neon sign
Keep your hands off her cos she's mine, all mine
She'll be waiting just for me, night after night
And when I'm playing with her it just feels so right
There's a cat outside the room waiting to get in
And if she does then she'll blow your mind to Hell
The way she looks is enough to make a man grin
Oh she's a tiger to me and the whole world I gotta tell
One more time...
There's a cat outside the room waiting to get in
And if she does then she'll blow your mind to Hell
The way she looks is enough to make a man grin
Oh she's a tiger to me and the whole world I gotta tell

For Lisa....

This poem was written to show that one can have strong feelings for a person they have never met, and that you don't have to show off your wares on cam to be a radiant, quietly erotic person........

There's a sunshine lady that I know
Who radiates waves of love and emotion
Sets me adrift on a raft of pleasure
Floating amidst a midnight ocean
Inside my head are thoughts of love
Her voice echoes memories of mine
I know her well, yet not at all
For her heart I constantly pine
Her hair flows behind like a waterfall
And her eyes sparkle with brightest fire
She has inner beauty, a lady complete
Her words inflame me with deep desire
She does hold the very key to my soul
And all my hopes and dreams do pray
That both of us will meet and hold
Each other's embrace, for one precious day...

Did you miss me?
Did you miss me, Yeah, while I was gone, Did you hug your pillow in your bed. Did you kiss me, Yeah, all night long and treasure every word that I say. Did you want me, Yeah, to come back again. Did you know I've been so far away, did you want me, Yeah, Did you tell your friends to think about me every day, Hey, to think about me every day...

I'm a great believer in not letting things that happen in the chatroom affect me but last night two people made me aware that they thought some of my comments and general behaviour in chat were, and I quote, "really nasty". I would take comfort in the fact that they don't know me very well but one of them I have known for a long time and thought I got on OK with. I am really shocked that my thoughts and chat could be taken in this way - I agree I can say some stupid things but only ever in good humour and/or for effect - and never ever would I deliberately be nasty to anyone. I've had enough experience of that myself not to wish it on my worst enemy. I always thought I livened up the room with my presence and made people laugh with the things I say but this revelation has rocked my confidence a bit. I'm sorry if I have upset anyone EVER with the comments I have made. I will still be coming in to chat with you all but this may affect the way I am for some time (although a leopard can't change its spots!) So it may be a less volatile or abrasive Keyser you see from now on. How wonderful for you all!!!

Masturbation Quality Control Survey 2010

In order to help me continue to provide high quality service, please answer the following questions after viewing me wank on cam at least once: 1] Was I in a satisfactory state of arousal? a) Yes b) No.....2] Was the length of my penis: a) fantastic, b) adequate, or c) disappointing?.....3] Did the action of stroking arouse you: a) a lot, b) somewhat, or c) not at all?.....4] What was the reason for you watching? Was it: a) because you wanted to be turned on, b) you just happened to be looking at my cam, c) to keep me happy, or d) a horrible horrible accident which you do not want to repeat - ever?.....5] Did the amount of cum: a) delight you, b) amuse you, c) do nothing for you, or d) disappoint you?.....6] Did I clean up the 'mess': a) In a fast, efficient manner, b) sloppily and untidily, or c) not clean up at all?.....7] How did you feel after watching? Did you feel: a) sexually satisfied, b) unaffected, c) amused, or d) filthy and dirty?...........Thank you for completing this survey. Rest assured all answers will be taken into account on the next showing (unless they are derogatory).

Happy New Year to you all....
Merry Xmas
As it seems the fashion to wish everyone a Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and in the process bump up my quota of blogs too - a win-win situation! So Merry fucking Christmas, perverts. :-) I love you all.............pffffft
I've got a friend called Poppy, who knows I can be stroppy. But when we get on, I know she'd never let on, That I can also be quite soppy.
I'm a bad poet
I'm a bad poet, I'm a bad poet, I'm a bad poet, And i know it.
Poems are shit
Poems are shit, Poems are shit, Poems are shit, but I'm quite good at it.
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Blogs, Part III
Why do people write blogs? I've noticed an awful lot of blogs these days get no comments at all - maybe lots of views, but no comments. Is the writing of a blog simply a kind of mastubatory outlet, something that the author gets off on but no one else gives a toss (pun intended :) ) about? Why do you read them but not feel the need to comment on them? I myself have cum 3 times whilst writing this :) AND wouldn't it be ironic if this post got no comments at all LOL
Sentimental rubbish
I'm seeing a growing trend lately to either post a vomit-inducing "sentimental" blog or to make a comment that is in a similar vein. What's happened to all the insightful, thought-provoiking blogs of yester-year? The ones that make you think, question your beliefs and demands mental activity? Are they gone forever??? This has been Part 5 in a series designed to provoke controversy and abusive comments. :)
For my little bear (who's NOT my little bear and doesn't want to be!)
HPB........... If only you were mine, I would try to please you every day and night......... by dancing closely with you under the twinkling stars......... hide romantic love notes hidden all over our house.......... hold your hand at every opportunity.......... kiss you passionately when I have to leave......... slip a romantic poem I'd written for you into your handbag so you'd discover it later........... whisper loving sweet nothings in your ear......... and tell you "I love you" a hundred times a day................................ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
For Lovely Lisa
If I captured your heart and made u mine, I would send you twenty-one of the rarest gold roses each and every day, launch a thousand bottles with a message saying "I love you", name a star in the Heavens after you, give you a book of your life with twenty pages left blank for our future together...and most of all engrave your love on my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To No One
Day after day - I'm feeling OK - Slip into the room for some lust - Night after night - Everything is all right - Staring at the same woman's bust - But sometimes I feel - That it's not quite real - And the words that you speak are untrue - A tissue of lies - A cold glint in your eyes - An indifference that just grew and grew - So now I can say - You can do what you may - It won't make much difference to me - I'll stand by and watch - As you finger your crotch - Is this how you want things to be?
For that very special pensioner :)
Although it's certain no one is gonna read this (and why would they?), I thought I'd post the disgustingly perverted and totally weird thoughts that went through my mind last night as I stroked on cam for a very special mature person...she knows who she is :) Random images flicker through my mind......... Meeting you in a hotel bar, you're wearing a tight-fitting polo-neck cardigan and plaid trousers. A hug... Drinks, chatting, flirting...touching... I take you by the zimmer frame to my room... A glass...dentures...we kiss...gums touch...delicious...passionate...warm tingling all over... Breathing heavily...I take off your cardi and trousers..you're standing there in ur huge knickers and Playtex bra... Urgently, you help me take off my clothes...naked now in front of you...I undo your bra...your breasts dangle near the floor...i kneel, sucking nipples...fondling...feeling your arse...wrinkles On the bed now...more gummy kissing...my fingers pulling your huge knickers to one side...a finger in your sopping dry pussy...then two...exploring...probing...flicking your clit... Hard cock...your trembling hand gripping...stroking...making it softer than ever before...feeling like I'm gonna explode... Your lips envelope it...dry tongue licking...your mouth moving up and down...hair tumbling over my chest (your wig fell off)... Lying back...you're on top of me, riding me like a geriatric jockey...controlling the pleasure...I am helpless as you take me...faster and more urgent now...dizzy spells...we can't stop... Bodies melding as one...animal rhythm in tune with each other...nothing else matters except this moment and next pension day... Explosions in my head...the look of your face in ecstacy...trembling bodies...arching...cumming... Holding you in the afterglow..thoughts of Countdown...sweet kisses...Steradent aroma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Pleasant pheasant plucker
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  • 1964
  • Etnia:
  • Caucasiano
  • Estado de relacionamento:
  • Livre e solteiro
  • Sexualidade:
  • Hetero
  • Fumador:
  • Não Fumador
  • Peso:
  • > 7 ft
  • Tipo de corpo:
  • Magro
  • Atributos sexuais:
  • Pequeno
  • Educação:
  • Secundário
  • Nacionalidade:
  • United Kingdom
  • País de residência:
  • United Kingdom
  • Localidade:
  • Cidade:
  • Data de registo:
  • 2008-02-11
  • Última visita:
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