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Hello everyone. We are a UK couple united and very much in love. We love this beautiful site. We love to receive pictures or even better, before you videos of our photos. Do not hesitate especially to ejaculate on Carol,

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What exactly do nipple clamps do?

 What exactly do nipple clamps do?
There are a lot of reasons people might use nipple clamps, explains Taylor Sparks, founder of Organic Loven. Some people like the feeling of wearing clamps, some like the feeling of taking them off, and some like the look of the clamps or the act of using them on a partner.Ummm, do they hurt?
Before you panic about the pain, the feeling of wearing clamps isn't one-size-fits-all. In general, clamps attach directly to the nipple and increase sensation by convincing out the blood flow from the nipple, similar to the feeling of being pinched, explains Carmel Jones, a sex and relationships expert and founder of The Big Fling. The resulting feeling from the pinch feels dull—almost numb.

But! Depending on the type, you can experiment with the intensity of the clamp and the slack of the nipple chain, if there is one. Some people like more pain than others, which is why Dr. Grover always suggests newbies opt for adjustable clamps so they can slowly increase the intensity and be in charge of the sensation.

Regardless of what type of clamp you choose, Dr. Poppel says it's important to keep in mind a clamp that hurts before you orgasm might be extremely painful after you climax, so timing the removal is essential here. Additionally, Dr. Grover adds that nipple clamps can cause scarring if used too frequently or with extreme intensity, so again, go slow and make sure to give your nipples plenty of time to recover post play.

Is everyone using nipple clamps without me?
Maybe! Nipple clamps are, understandably, very popular in the BDSM and kink communities. Although the sensation of a nipple clamp might not be for everyone, Queen says it would feel "exciting and intense," rather than painful, for someone into BDSM.

But that doesn't mean their usage is limited just to the BDSM and kink communities. Jones advises people looking to try out clamps not to be misled into thinking that the toy is exclusively BDSM. "They're more widely used than you'd think," she says, and suggests doing more research with an open mind.Lovehoney sex toy educator Ashley Cobb says if you’re someone who likes a little pain with your pleasure (think spanking or hair-pulling), you might like clamps. And the really good news here is that nipple clamps are great for all bodies, all genders, and all lifestyles. Sadie Allison, PhD, author of Tickle Your Fancy–A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure explains all nipples—no matter the gender—have the same amount of sensitive nerve endings.And uh, just a lil tip from Dr. Allison: “For some cis-men, nipple play is an extremely pleasurable and preferred type of stimulation. For others, they may have overlooked this erogenous zone altogether, so it’s worth an introduction.”

Ok, fine, how do you use nipple clamps?
Before you just grab some clips and put them on, Dr. Poppel says you’ll want to prep the area for action. “First, get the skin nice and warm. Long-lasting foreplay is essential to good nipple play, torture, or stimulation, she says. “Massage the breast tissue (including the nipples), then softly begin to squeeze, suck, and worship the nipples.”Dr. Poppel says once your partner is sufficiently aroused, have them take a breath and clip the clamp onto the nipple before asking them to exhale. It might take a few moments for the nipples to respond to the clamp, so continue stimulating the area during the build. And when your partner is either on the brink of climax or in the midst of an orgasm, that’s the time to remove the clamps, says Dr. Allison. Not only will the blood flow rush back into the nipples, but nipple play also releases a chemical in the brain called oxytocin (the same chemical released during orgasms), so they'll be in for a super-concentrated rush of sensation.As for how long to actually keep the nipple clamps on, it all depends on tightness. Jones says you can leave on looser clamps for as long as 30 minutes, and tighter ones for up to 10 to 15 minutes.Are there different types of nipple clamps?
As you’re searching for the perfect nipple clamps, you’ve probably noticed there are lots of different types out there. Before just selecting the prettiest pair, there are a few components you’ll want to pay attention to. Sparks says people with sensitive skin should consider nickel-free options to avoid a potential reaction to the metal. And since clamps covered with silicone tips are typically less painful than bare metal clamps, they’re a good choice for first-timers.

Dr. Poppel says you can also try clipping them on the penis, the inner thighs, and the sides of the torso, or opt for a weighted pair for some extra intense stimulation. Another fun option is to add ice or heat (like via hot wax) to the nipples once they’re clamped, suggests Sparks.


The best face fucking of my life last night

 I had the best face fucking of my life last night he used my mouth while I rode my wand . He would pull out and smack my face with his cock then slide it all the way down my throat i was gagging drooling until he finally pumped his cum in my mouth and I exploded on my wand

I love sex with my Wife

 5. Be confident.The sexiest thing is confidence. You are my wife. I will love you and I find you sexy no matter what, so be confident in yourself. Nothing turns me on more.
I want her to be more adventurous in the bedroom, to leave her inhibitions at the door. (These truth or dare sticks should help with being adventurous)
Be uninhibited. Don’t be embarrassed. Explore more. Relax!
Just be confident, and make an effort to be enticing.
Her confidence and desire for me is a huge turn on!
To me, the set up is the most important. Flirting on the phone, high heels, and the attitude is what makes it good. Anticipation is everything! I love seeing her confidence and desire for me.
4. It’s so much better when you enjoy it.Sex is better for me when I know she is enjoying it. It makes it so much better when both of us can have some fun!Sex is way more fun when we both enjoy it. I do not want to just be serviced because she thinks it’s a duty.
Be open to try new things. I like it when she can explain what she likes, and what feels good for her.
I want her to be just as into sex as I am. If it is all about “meeting my needs” then what’s the point?
It’s okay to relinquish control and just enjoy being pleasured.
Let yourself enjoy it.
I’d love it if she could be a little more sexually adventurous, and show how much she is enjoying it.
3. Stop obsessing about the way you look.
I wish my wife knew that her weight, her outfit, her hair, her nails are so irrelevant to me when we are being intimate. I am so in love with her. All I want is for her to want to be there with me.
I wish my wife KNEW that she is so much sexier and beautiful to me than she gives herself credit for. Even though I tell her, she still criticizes herself.
God didn’t put conditions on [the beauty of your body] like “at time of birth” or “before you had *****” — I see you as beautiful and sexy, so just stop trying to convince me otherwise. I don’t care about a bit of flabby-ness or some stretch marks; heck I wouldn’t even notice half of what you see if you didn’t insist on pointing it out to me.
I don’t care that she has gained some weight over the years. I still find her sexy and beautiful and love to be with her.
I can tell by her comments that she is concerned with how the rest of the world views her appearance. Maybe not a lot, but some. She is soooooo beautiful and attractive to me, though. Her sexiness is much more than her “curves and all her edges, all her perfect imperfections.” I love ALL of her. I wish my words alone were enough to convince her of her beauty and attractiveness.
I wish that she was more comfortable in her skin and unafraid to be sexier with me. I appreciate that she doesn’t dress in overtly sexual clothing when we go out and that she respects herself, but I just wish she would be unafraid to show a little skin (not just lingerie, but outerwear as well) when it is just the two of us.

2. It’s so much more than just physical.I wish she knew that sex improves intimacy and my connection to her. It helps me with having more positive thoughts about her each day.
Sex isn’t just sex to fill a biological need. I wish my wife knew how much I feel so much closer to her when we have sex. Sex provides a pillar of stability in our marriage that helps me feel like we are still in love. Sex is a major part of how I express my love for her.
Sex is my way to connect. She likes to talk. I like to touch.

1. Be spontaneous and initiate.I wish she would be more spontaneous, rather than just “scheduling it in.”
Keep it spontaneous and simple!
The sex in our relationship is good, but it’s somewhat monotonous. Bring in some changes. Have fun with it. Don’t just do the deed, Play! Surprise your babe with these spicy dice!
When my wife comes on to me, it makes me feel as though she is happy and fully in love with what she has.
I wish my wife would initiate sex more. It makes me feel like she really wants to be with me.
It is easier for me to make it more enjoyable for her if I can tell she’s excited or hopeful about having a good time.
Make an effort to show an interest and want sex once in a while. It makes a world of difference.
Don’t be afraid to initiate sex. I love to feel wanted and desired.
I wish my wife knew that I want her to be involved in developing our intimacy, and not just wait for me to start something or suggest something new.



MAR 26, 2021
Snowballing, as sexologist E. Michelle Thomas explains, is basically the act of swapping semen from one person's mouth to another, to the point where like a regular snowball, each swap between partners increases the size of the semen shot (or ball) when it mixes with extra saliva. Instead of rolling a growing ball of snow on the ground, you're passing a growing semen-saliva mixture.

Related Story

What's a Rainbow Kiss?
Porn star Kayden Kross previously explained that the term "snowballing" is often used interchangeably with "cum swapping." However, "snowballing" usually implies the involvement of the original person who ejaculated into their partner's mouth. The term "cum swapping" is more general and could apply to people sharing a semen-saliva mixture that neither of them originally ejaculated. So, as an example, if you swapped semen-saliva with the partner providing the semen, that's snowballing. Swapping the mixture with another person (like in a threesome capacity, where the ejaculator is not participating in the swap) would be called cum swapping.

The podcast host and sex columnist Dan Savage, referred to the mixture of fluids as "pud" in a column from 1999.

The New Partridge Dictionary of American Slang notes that the term is of US origin dating back to 1972, and was first used exclusively by gay men. In the Handbook of Psychology and Sexual Orientation, researchers found when studying gay men that: "Semen can carry symbolic meaning (and thus symbolic power) for some men, representing (1) successful completion of sexual behavior, and (2) sexual power, virility, strength, and masculinity.)"

Snowballing is a human thing, but certain animals also engage in a similar snowballing-like act. In Carmen Cusack's Animals, Deviance, and Sex, Cusack writes about how male cichlid fish must blow sperm into a female's mouth (where she will be holding her eggs in her mouth) in order to reproduce. However, Cusack explains that because the end goal for the fish is reproduction, it's not the same thing as snowballing, the human kink, which is "considered deviant in spite of insemination and conception."

Magenta, Purple, Pink, Violet, Rectangle, Maroon, Lavender,
How To:
Before Snowballing:

Before you even talk about snowballing, Thomas says you wanna make sure all consenting parties have been tested and cleared of any STIs before introducing snowballing, adding "It's all fun and games until it isn't," — when you're playing with bodily fluids like semen and saliva, safety is number one.

As for the mandatory consent convo, ensure your partner is open to the idea of this, Thomas says. "Some people are totally okay with providing the semen, but definitely don't want to be on the receiving end of their own," Thomas adds.

If you need a smooth way to introduce the topic to your partner in a low-stakes environment, Thomas recommends playing "Truth or Dare — No Consequences" which allows people to open up the convo about sexploration in a fun and daring way that also won't put anyone on the spot. To play, Thomas says the people participating in the game agree that "whatever is shared during the game cannot be used against one another later and nothing is off the table as it relates to [communicating] your wants and desires."

Once you're all onboard with the consent convo and are ready to actually snowball, you'll wanna make sure both of you drink lots of water, eliminate fish, alcohol, and smoking from your diet, Thomas adds. As a bonus, you can also increase your consumption of fruits, Thomas says. The idea here is to make the actual tasting experience of the semen as pleasant as possible — hydrating, eating a healthy diet, and cutting out smoking and alcohol will help with all this.

When Snowballing:

A nice way to lead into snowballing is to try giving your partner a blow job and having them finish in your mouth.

As a warm up to test the waters, you can start with just an open-mouthed kiss post blow job, and then work your way up to swapping so you don't have to go from 0–100 suddenly. Since half the material of snowballing is saliva anyways, you can do a dry-run sans semen if you want to be even more cautious at first.

If everyone is still on board, kiss your partner and try passing the semen back and forth in each of your mouths. See how big it can get, then spit or swallow the whole thing. Taster's choice!

Wonderfully sexy

 Sex In RV Parks
While it's nice to have amenities that an RV park space can provide, being in one can kill your privacy. Sites are often crammed together like sardines.

If you want to get dirty without others knowing, you have to keep it down.

Dildo collection
Is this enough for a week 'long' camping trip? (Heh)

The sound issue doesn't much matter if you are having campground sex in a trailer or if you're having motorhome sex. There's not much of a sound barrier either way, and the potential for rocking exists when you're RVing, no matter the type of RV you are 'doing it' in.

You can do it comfortably while camping with just a little planning and knowledge. Everywhere you RV on the road has the potential to be fun when getting frisky.

Then why not experiment?

For example, maybe you've never tried a sex swing. Why not try it in your RV if yours is big enough?

Get a door sex swing (I'd recommend reinforcing whatever you have for a door or doorway).

Woman dominating man on bed
You're either thinking: "HOT" Or, "WOAH, Camp Addict! You took it too far with this one!" (Too far? Then why are you still staring?)

Or get a swing stand that will fit in a large enough area of your RV that can break right down and go back into your basement when you're done.

You can try new outfits or bondage gear.

Get (or bring if you already have) a sex 'wedge'. (Look it up) Maybe your wedge can double as a doggie ramp for your pup to get up on your dinette bench. Cover it with a blanket so it's hidden in plain view!

Why not break out of your 'usual' box? There's no better place/time to get experimental if you haven't already than on a vacation/trip.

Other RV Park Camping Sex Tips:
'Sex'-Chocks: Get some X-chocks or another type of stabilizer for your RV to help reduce rocking.
Know Thy Neighbors: If they go out every day from 10-7, there's your best chance! (But people can always walk by, you may have neighbors on both sides, etc.)
Gotta Wear Shades: If your windows aren't tinted dark, keep those shades closed when you're getting after it.
Awning Oops: Don't leave your awning out, or it will accentuate your best moves, hee hee.
Kill The Squeaks: Before you arrive, 'rock' your camper. Have someone outside to listen for squeaks. Silence that squeak if you can find a way! If you have a big trailer, get someone to help. They don't have to know why you want to get rid of the squeak. Or, if you want them to join you in the bedroom, here's a nice way to segue the hint, heh.
Be The Naughty Couple In The Park: Guys, get your girl some remote-controlled panties. Stimulate her while she's least expecting it. Maybe while you're hanging out at the ice cream social evening gathering. (bzzz bzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz.)

Fantastic suck fuck story

 Every now and then it is just the missus and me. I love these times because this is when my wife is the most free to fuck, suck and let me do the things I love to do to her without any inhibitions. Don’t get me wrong, my bride loves sex too, but like any good mother, she is a little nervous about having passionate, wild sex with the *** in the house.

So I was so excited to see that we had scheduled five nights with just the two of us in our favorite place, Davis State park. This is a beautiful place in the Texas Mountains near Fort Davis. I had been gone for ten days on a very cool trip to Civil War battlefields while my girls had a camp of their own to attend. When I returned we had already scheduled a trip with friends and my daughter, and while I love those trips, I longed to fuck the hell out of my wife in the great outdoors. We left on a Monday at noon and my cock was already rock hard, it didn’t help that I was only able to fuck her once in the last week due to “family issues”.

So when we left I was excited to be hooking up the camper and excited to be hooking up with my hot wife later that afternoon. My wife recently lost forty pounds and looks incredible. I thought she looked great before, did I mention her tits were huge! But I am so proud of her for losing all that weight and I am even happier that her tits remained almost the same size, they are fucking awesome. Often I ask her to send me a picture of her tits, which she does and I love it! She always makes excuses, but comes through with a great photo, not just a simple picture, but one that is posed and gives me a woody every time.

So when I thought about the next few days with just my beautiful wife, I was excited, actually I had a hard on for much of our 180 miles to Fort Davis. We arrived around five and after setting up and getting settled it was about six in the evening. We had one beer and went on a walk where my wife teased the shit out of me along the way by pulling her shirt up, licking her lips seductively and grabbing my cock and once pulling her pants down only to narrowly escaped being seen by hikers coming up the other side of the trail. On the way back to camp she asked me if I was interested in licking her clit? YES!

She mentioned she might suck my cock if I did a good job on her clit. Now, I’m not bragging, but I can really lick pussy. I lick around her hole and between her asshole (which I adore) and her perfect pussy. After a while I stick my tongue in her slit and tease her swollen clit before sucking and licking it until she moves my head away. If I have time I will lick her asshole too. Sometimes her hips buck as I do and other times she seems to want my tongue on her clit, I always try to oblige, after all, a happy wife is a happy life!

She was teasing the hell out of me and I had to wait until after dinner to get my face wet. We ate and had beer and wine and retired early to the confines of the RV and I licked her until she came, twice. I sucked her nipples and licked her asshole and clit until she shuddered with delight and came. She didn’t even ask me as she rolled me on my back and proceeded to give me the most incredible blow job of my life. She licked the shaft from balls to tip and then slowly began sucking on my engorged member. She put her tongue between the slit on the tip of my cock, I thought I was going to cum then. She grabbed my balls and deep throated me and alternated with running her tongue through the slit in my penis and down the shaft. Finally she slowly stroked my cock with rhythmic movements of her mouth and I unleashed a torrent of cum in her mouth. To her credit, she swallowed it all eagerly. I lovingly rubbed her head as she helped me unleashed a month of frustration and desire. She looked up and smiled and asked if I wanted a kiss? I said sure, and she kissed me on the mouth with her tongue probing mine and seemingly asking for more. After a few minutes I ***** after a very long day of driving, setting up the RV and anticipating the moment I just experienced.

northernenglandcouple said:
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muqriazhad0410 said:
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umclergy said:
You two are so active, it's great :-) Anyway, you asked
"Where were you dogging???", and to be honest we
weren't, it was just down our garden. Sorry...
seadog7 said:
Hi ***** ,,,,,,, I love your profile ,,,, Carol ,,,,,,,,,,, my
darling ,,,,,, I WANT YOU ,,,,,,,,,,,You are soooooooooo gorgeous and
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northernenglandcouple said:
He starts slow with hard pushes in me and then more rythmical pushes
and harder and harder and then strangles me.. I stop him because I
dont want him to come yet because I wanted to ride him :)An orgasm can
be quite a shock to the system, particularly if you didn't know
your body was capable of having one. At first, orgasms can be
surprising, accidental, or even scary (or a combination of those
feelings). In most cases, though, orgasms are fun and leave people
wanting more. Plus, everyone has orgasms at a different point in
life. Some people had an unforgettable run-in with a hot tub jet as a
***, while others had a teenage curiosity that involved stumbling upon
internet porn. Many learn to orgasm through masturbation, and some go
their whole sex life without orgasming at all.
northernenglandcouple said:
northernenglandcouple said:
Snowballing with a chick is such a turn on for me. Ive also found that
its usually a huge turn on for the women. They usually are so
surprised cuz other guys they been with would never do that. My gf
says it turns her on how comfortable i am with myself, sexuality, and
relationship to do it. Also filling her up and then eatting her out to
clean up our mess is such a turn on, she loves it as well.
northernenglandcouple said:
We had a Lovely orgasm watching this..Physical intimacy plays an
important role in our relationships you are soo hot to watch . When
sex falls by the wayside, other issues tend to flare up as well.
Couples feel less connected and bonded, and as a result they tend to
be less affectionate and loving. Sex helps to keep relationships
strong and happy, but the benefits of sexual pleasure don't end
there. Regular orgasms can play an important role in our emotional and
physical health. Consider the following benefits of sexual pleasure
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