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horny50 informação pessoal

  • horny50

  • Profissão: Health & Safety
  • Interesses:
  • Género: Masculino
  • Data de nascimento: Fevereiro 1953
  • Etnia: Caucasiano
  • Estado de relacionamento: Numa relação monogâmica
  • Sexualidade: Hetero
  • Fumador: Fumador
  • Peso: 185 cm 6 ft 1 in
  • Tipo de corpo: Grande



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  •   21K
  •  28/01/09
  •  88%
 - Great Cum
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  •  07/10/08
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 - Pussy Probe 2
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  •  07/09/09
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  •  30/12/08
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horny50 blogs


"Beeing deeply loved by someone gives you strength,while loving someone deeply gives you courage."..I got both"

As a matter of interest i wonder have any one ever did a poll rating on this wonderful site...as a man who lives here ...lol...i have compiled a set of my favourites....some wonderful to my critical eye....perhaps viewers would care to visit my favourites and have comments as to my choice...perhaps its the female side coming out in me but ...i have favoured those that clearly sho proper attention to the female sexual organs....there are far too many wham bam thank you mam guys on here...nice to see them paying attention to the clitoris and breasts...thats just my idle thinking...your comments would be appreciated
raihei said:
Thanks for your comment. Pls more
evremonde said:
Thanks for your comment. Will post more of THE slutwife soon
the__bartender said:
Ha! Yup. I dumped a few loads in her as well, but I knew this one was
going to be large and wanted to spray her down with it.
furst said:
Thank you very much for such a wonderful comment
yorkman69 said:
Thanks for the comments I'd love to unload into your wife
fukk8 said:
Thanks for your comment, I will post more soon.
furst said:
Thanx for your Comment))
the__bartender said:
Thanks again for the comment. I gave Beth the same vigor I gave all
the girls. I was in it to win it. I wanted to give her a night to
remember and I think you'll agree that is what she got! Good
times, and more to come!
the__bartender said:
Horny50. Well, she certainly deserves a rating then, right? She had a
bit of a hard time with it as I'd just returned from a trip and
had like 10 days' worth of jizz built up, but damn if she
didn't get it all down! Thanks for the comment!
the__bartender said:
Thanks for commenting on Sue's anal creampie! She had an ass
built for fucking, and I always tried to finish in there when
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