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ingy informação pessoal

  United Kingdom
  • ingy

  • Profissão: Queen pervette
  • Interesses: I love my Beema to the end!
  • Género: Feminino
  • Data de nascimento: Maio 1971
  • Etnia: Caucasiano
  • Estado de relacionamento: Numa relação monogâmica
  • Sexualidade: Bisexual
  • Fumador: Fumador
  • Peso: 164 cm 5 ft 5 in
  • Tipo de corpo: Grande


Hi all!! I'm a Swedish pervette who's been on here since late 2007... I met my hubby on here and are now married! I'm called Ingy (used to be Exwife) and my hubby is called Beema (he has another account bmw325i). We both enjoy sex, beer an

ingy videos

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ingy blogs

The greatest day of my life!

 Hello every one!

I just want to let you know that I had the best day of my life... My wedding day!!

My gorgeous Beema, my beautiful daughter, my mum and my oldest brother made my day sooooooo special.

And the honeymoon was just for us two, to really have a quiet time to ourself (well not that quiet). To bad we didn't have "time" to make some videos though, we were kind of busy with the cervezas (beer) and the sex lol.

We went to Menorca (d'Addaia) and that place is some where we'd go back to any day, it was beautiful there and really hot (+35C, 95F in the shade). we had a great apartment with 1 balcony, 1 terrace and 1 roof terrace that was really private so I could sun bade naked (I still got tan lines though)...

Well I just wanted to tell you a little about our great wedding day and our honeymoon...

To bad some of the invited people couldn't come (for obvious reasons) but really nice of those that could...

Loads of love 

Mrs and Mr  Beema <3


We've set the date for the wedding now... It is happening on the 26th of June 2010!

Love from Ingela and Brian (Exy and Beema)

Ohhhh and Admin... You're still invited of course lol

Yuvutu wedding

Just to let everybody know that July 2010 we will be getting married .... We may be the first couple that met on this site to get married .... Or does anyone know otherwise????

PS. Admin you are invited of course.... Exact date to be advised.

hugs Brian and Ingela

aka beemer and exey xoxoxo

This is just what we all should do....

someone sent this link to me and I really think it's just the right one to post here.....

Watch it and enjoy!!!!


Just copy and paste the link in your browser.... You will love it :)

Happy Valentines day yuvutu!!!!!

Love form Exy and Beema

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kasar6 said:
thanks for add pretty ingy . amazing profile videos and pics like it
all lovely lovers you do it best natural love . greating lovely ingy
and mr. beema. have a good day
dushidushi said:
hi love glad to see you again. You are the most sexy woman i meet
kiss kis all over your perfect body
nothatsmeinyourarse said:
HI guys, am back!!!!!! love you xxxxx
alfil12 said:
Hola eres muy hermosa tienes unas tetas preciosas me gustaria tener
algun video tuyo, soy de españa desearia tener tu amistad si lo deseas
cariño, me mandas unas letras y algun video y fotos, para espezar, me
agradaria besitos amor, te doy mi correos, te espero, eres muy bonita,
alfil12. alfil47@hotmail.com
claudio59 said:
i loveeeeeeeeee kisssssssssss
abbernathy said:
Thanks for your nice comment exy, hope to talk in the chat room soon.
Love Abbey xxxxx
em6224 said:
Thanks for making me one of your friends exy!! ........xoxo Em
pheasant27 said:
What a sexy lady.....
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