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naked_cameraman informação pessoal

  United Kingdom
  • naked_cameraman

  • Profissão: videographer
  • Interesses: erotic film making
  • Género: Masculino
  • Data de nascimento:
  • Etnia: Caucasiano
  • Estado de relacionamento: Livre e solteiro
  • Sexualidade: Hetero
  • Fumador: Não Fumador
  • Peso: 163 cm 5 ft 3 in
  • Tipo de corpo: Medio


Retired now so have all the time in the world

naked_cameraman videos

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  •  10/06/24
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 - Amazing compilation
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 - a fun strip
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 - an introduction
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  •  22/05/24
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 - King Wan
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  •  25/01/23
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mid october

 Hi all,

had a very nice email here from a guy said some very nice things about my videos which has inspired me to get on with the post production of at least one other so shortly will be posting another tit play movie with atmospheric music track as there wasn't any sound .

What has been on my mind for a while now is to make a really cool trailer to post at the beginning of some of my mobies, with the spinning cubes and pyramids and other things but this takes an awful lot of footage.

So once again calling on singles an couples in the London region to get some erotic content for this, also next month will be on Costa del Sol with maybe the possibility of some footage on beaches there.

Hoping too that you will enjoy my video to be posted today

Naked Cameraman

Strange people

 Just seen what is on some other blobs and to me seem rather bizarre, but if that is your thing...

Just finished editing some new videos and re-working an old one; I am really needing some new material to work with so would love to hear from a woman who wants to be filmed and not just talk about it.

Willing to travel with trusty camera and can accomodate

I have a friend who wishes to remain incognito

 And who can blame her!!  

Like I have had a few guys come to me and especially do not want themselves or their partner to be recognised while they are doing the weekly shop in Tesco.  hmmmmmm

I'm happy in many instances to blur out faces or tattoos with the equipement I have here rather underused in the interests of promoting our mutual interests here so drop me a line and I'm sure to be able to help

northernenglandcouple said:
We like to share photos with friends ...Are you a couple ??? Cheers
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