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rblake informação pessoal

  United States
  • rblake

  • Profissão:
  • Interesses:
  • Género: Masculino
  • Data de nascimento: Fevereiro 1978
  • Etnia: Caucasiano
  • Estado de relacionamento: Livre e solteiro
  • Sexualidade: Bisexual
  • Fumador:
  • Peso:
  • Tipo de corpo: Medio



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clairev63137 said:
Hi, add Susan97 to your friends on: date4fuq.com?idrblake
macca31 said:
I have been advised to say hello by Insanebytch so thought I would
just drop you a quick message! Apparently you are one of the good ones
kentuckycouple690 said:
Glad to see that you are finally a mod best of luck.
angelkisseshou said:
hey stranger....its FFF
hisbeststory said:
Thank you everyday for being more patient, kind and forgiving than I
am with myself. I can be difficult at times, I know, I can. It's
just that I need to remember not to give up on myself and it helps to
see that someone else doesn't do it first, and sometimes in New
friendships it's easy to decide you're at the limit of your
patience. But this is just a snippet of what has Been a far from
dramatic adult life and I only got me. So just,if I could ask for a
smidgen longer before I officially am a flake,.. I promise, I'm
worth knowing when I feel I am worth it. Been a bit and I'm
trying hArd to get out of the line of chaos. I promise I'm not
the source, just the scapegoat. Please, Mr. Blake? So good toeet a
genuinely happy to see me kind of guy out here that doesn't show
up without coming off like a puppy or an ass. And I just needed u to
know aren't thought of as one of the  crowd to me. . Hard to find
that online and I am grateful. ..
em6224 said:
Thanks for the video
comment!.......................................xoxo Em
abbernathy said:
Thanks for being my friend...love chatting to you ..Abbey xx
em6224 said:
Thank you for making me one of your friends! .............xoxo Em
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