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  United Kingdom
  • ukcouple2017

  • Profissão:
  • Interesses: Exploration - Pushing boundaries
  • Género: Casal Heterosexual
  • Data de nascimento: 1966
  • Etnia: Caucasiano
  • Estado de relacionamento: Numa relação monogâmica
  • Sexualidade: Hetero
  • Fumador: Não Fumador
  • Peso:
  • Tipo de corpo: Magro


We are an older UK couple, both now over 50 years old, who have a fantasy. We like to talk about meeting a guy or guys to fuck me while my man watches. We are at the stage where we talk about this a lot but we are just considering for now.

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A message from Annmarie and Dominic

 Just wanted to say "Hello again" to all our yuvutu friends and followers. Due to personal circumstances we haven't been very active on the site recently but we are back!!!

We have a couple of videos and some photos ready to upload. We hope you'll like them!

We'd like to apologise for not replying to messages or comments recently.

Much love xx

Reaching a climax

 I guessed my husband would be waiting for me in the bar area of the hotel. I looked around and saw him looking me up and down like a dog looks at a juicy bone. I walked over to where he was sat and sat down opposite him and smiled. "I've booked a table in the resteraunt," he announced, "so you can tell me what you've been up too." "Lovely," I replied.

We took our time over our drinks and said very little. Both of us were horny as hell and we couldn't do the usual small talk when sex was all we could think of.

We sat at a table and ordered from the menu and I teased my man by saying, "I've had a lovely afternoon". During the course of the meal I revealed my naughty exploits at intervals. I finished by telling him in great detail how I'd felt the shape of a huge black cock and imagined how it would feel in my mouth. I continued to say how I was wondering how I could take it up my tight pussy as his thick middle finger slid into me.

My husband told me he was ready to explode right there and asked me to stop! I looked at the time and it was 9.45. It was time to reveal what was going to happen next.

I explained that my stud would be in the bar at 10 o'clock and gave my husband the choice of what to do next;

1 - I go alone into the bar and take him to the room so we can fuck

2 - We go into the bar together and ask him to join us in our room

3 - We go into the bar, kiss and fondle each other and show him what he could have had

I was so turned on that any option would do. If my black stud left I know that part of me would be relieved but a big part of me just wanted that cock in my holes. We got up to leave the table. "Let's go and see if he's there. I'm not ready to hand you over to him yet". It was the answer I wanted. The anticipation was overbearing as we approached the door to the hotel bar.

What happened next in York

 I needed to buy myself some time. Feeling the shape of his hard cock had really got my juices flowing and his expert fingers had me on the cusp of orgasm. I moved my lips slightly away from his and told him I needed to freshen up in the ladies room. Noticing a slight frown I rubbed his length and said "wait for me, big boy."

While I was in the toliet I thought about my man, all alone in the hotel. I checked our list to see if I'd completed the challenge;

4 - Kissed a man 

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy 

I imagined my husband's frustration, anticipation and thrill as I sent him a message;


I had a plan! Time to get back to my nameless black stud. I slid myself into the booth next to him. Our legs were together and I ran my fingers on his chest after popping open a button on his shirt. "I have to go now" I said, "but I might be all alone in a big hotel bed later". He asked why? "My husband had to return home earlier to sort out an issue with his son and ex-wife. He told me to meet him in the hotel at 8 and if he wasn't there by 10 he'd ring me as he wouldn't be coming." The guy kissed me again and his breathing was quickening, "I could come and check if you're ok later?" he asked. "That would be so kind, be in the hotel bar just before 10 and I'll be there, possibly on my own, possibly not. I'm going now so stay hard for me big boy." 

With that I stood up and walked to the door. After a short walk I entered the hotel reception with a devilish smile on my face.

Taking it to the next level

 I told the black guy to wait at the door for me as I needed the toilet. In truth it was to buy me a little more time to think. The wine had gone straight to my head and I needed to check my husband's checklist.

1 - Talked to a man 

2 - Touched a man 

3 - Talked about sex with a man 

So I needed to now get to 4, 5 and 6;

4 - Kissed a man 

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy

I thought about the poor young lad who thought he was going to have me and about the expectant guy waiting at the door. I wondered if they were both still there as I'd been thinking for quite a while?

Make your mind up time Annmarie!

I walked out of the toilet, glanced at the young lad who looked like he was ready to cry and strode to the door and walked into the street. The sun was behind my waiting stud and his silhouette sent a sensation straight into my vagina. 

He grabbed my hand and took me across the road to a classy wine bar with dim lighting. We went straight over to a booth in the corner. As we walked over he nodded to the waitress and asked for two cocktails without asking me. This guy had a confidence which bordered on arrogance but I was being swept along and felt a sexual charge running through my body. 

The drinks came and he turned to me. I was sat between him and the wall. His lips were on mine within a second and I greedily pushed my tongue onto his. My left hand found his erection. His cock had swelled and felt huge, even underneath his trousers. His right hand slid up my skirt and he expertly moved my thong to the side, parted my pussy lips and slid his middle finger inside my wet hole. 

This was unbelievable! A stranger I'd met less than an hour ago was fingering me in a crowded bar! 

Things get exciting in York

 The young guy had been a nervous wreck. His hand shook as he handed me a glass of wine. He blushed again as he stuttered a compliment that sounded like "You're sexy". I asked him if he'd experience sex with an older woman and he shook his head. I asked him if he'd like to and he nodded.

I excused myself while I discreetly checked my list given to me by my husband;

1 - Talked to a man 

2 - Touched a man

3 - Talked about sex with a man 

I sent him a text;

3 x

I faced the young lad at the bar and caught him staring at my tits. I smiled at him as he looked away. He was so shy!

What happened next took me by surprise as a hand touched my shoulder and encouraged me to turn around. I turned to face a good looking black guy with a confident grin revealing pearly, white teeth. "You'll eat him alive. Drink up and come with me." My mind went into overdrive, I looked at the nervous youth who was just looking down at his shoelaces. I looked at the experienced, confident guy who smiled at me wickedly.

I lifted the wine glass to my mouth and drained it, popped it on the bar and said to the guy, "Come on then. I'm all yours."

What happened in the bar in York

 Finally... an update!

So I had gone into the nearest bar to our hotel. I was alone. I was dressed in a white blouse which showed my cleavage to the maximum, a black skirt which was as short as I dared to wear and black patent leather high heels with black stockings finished the slutty look off.

I looked around to see a group of middle aged men watching football on tv and four young guys playing pool and sipping bottled beers. I sat at the bar with crossed legs and checked out the male talent. 

After just a few minutes I was aware that a young lad at the pool table was checking me out. His eyes had hardly drifted from my body since I'd sat down. I walked towards him with a smile on my face, brushed past him and sat at a table just a few yards from him.

It was his turn to take a shot at pool. He lined up the ball and I was sat directly in his vision. I rubbed my leg gently with my hand and watched his face go pink. He played his shot and was walking past me when I stroked his arm. As he looked at me I said "Hi". He half smiled and nervously said "Hello". 

He looked at my empty glass and asked if he could buy me a drink. "That is so sweet of you", I said "I'll meet you at the bar in a minute". 

I discreetly checked my husband's codes that he had asked me to communicate with.

1 - Talked to a man

2 - Touched a man 

3 - Talked about sex with a man

4 - Kissed a man

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy 

I sent my husband a text;

1 x

I sent him another

2 x

I thought about how hard my guy would be right now and got up to try to achieve 3 to 6

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